Zombie Eradication

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Christian Life Church - Guru Paintball Park & Gizmo Guru Present:
WANTED ZOMBIE ERADICATORS -- Rural Guru City Park is infested with Zombies from the latest chemical spill and resulting virus. To protect our friends and families we are taking teams of snipers on a 1/2 mile drive through the area to see how many Zombies we can eliminate each night. We are looking for those who have what it takes. Thankfully Zombies cant shoot back, we will be relying on the teams to eliminate them before we become lunch or worse! Spread the word we are going to need all the help we can get. Each participant will be provided with gun and ammo. Each participant will be supplied with all equipment no outside equipment will be allowed. This will be a half-mile journey through zombie infested woods, ruins and the chemical dump/spill area that created the problem. Zombie snipers will be taken aboard and driven through while they eliminate the problem, as we all know by now only a head shot can stop them. Those bitten will be IMMEDIATELY taken to the base infirmary for processing. NO EXCEPTIONS. Funds raised will go to Christian Life Church and all will be much appreciated! Members of the church will be helping with this event. Oct 26th-30th from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. For more information call Tricia or Don (245) 662-1896.
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