Customers Testimonials

Mellisa Davis
We had an awesome bday party for our son yesterday at the paintball field!!! Thanks Gizmo Guru!!!! We'll be back soon! I think the parents had just as much fun as the kids did! Lol!

This is Mike from Alliance Bible Church again. We had a group come and play at y'all's park on the 21st. The kids in the youth group enjoyed it so much that they want to go again .
- Thanks, Mike

Dear Tricia,
Thank you very much! We will need around 60 rental packages, and we'll have about 20 ppl. using their own equipment. I If you could go ahead and reserve the fields for us, that would be great. I really appreciate your helpfulness, and look forward to playing. Everybody else i've talked to about this event has commented repeatedly on the superior quality of play and reff-ing that they've experienced at Guru, compared to ... Other Places...
- Mr. Earnest;

We just wanted to thank you again for the great time we had at yall's place on Saturday. Everybody just keeps talking about it. We can't wait to come out there and play again. Thanks for being patient with all of us and explaining the rules to us; for most of us, it was our first time to play. The referee was excellent and must be one of your best employees. We just can't say enough about how much fun we had. Thank you again and again and again.

God bless you guys,
Craig & Tangela Ratliff,
Harvest House of Prayer

Hi Don!
This is Michael Bixby again. Just wanted to let you know that we had a blast today! Once again, we really apprecieated the help and cooperation. The referee's were very friendly and professional, and the rest of the staff were also very helpful!

Have a good day, and God bless!

I didn't even know there was a rumor, but thank God you guys are gonna still be around! You've got a great business, and I'm sure that everyone else agrees when I say that you guys are an asset to the community.....you all give this area redeeming value recreationally. Do us all a favor and stay in business! GOD bless!
- Michael Bixby

Travis Carrizales
This is the greatest park i'v ever been to.


I was recently at your paintball store checking out some new equiptment for Christmas. First of all, I would like to say that your store has everything and has just what I needed. I saw the Kingman Spyder EM1 on the wall with the double trigger and I was wondering how much the gun cost. If you could please write me back with the price of the gun and any specials you might be having at the shop or field I would appreciate it. Thanks for the great service and hope hear from you.

Sorry about such short notice......
The boys and I are coming out to the field on the 12th. Its 2 in the morning on 11th its short notice but its better than nothing right? There will only be 4 of us. About 3 days ago my mom went to The Gizmo Guru and picked up some Big Ball. Can I use this paint at the field? If you could get back to me on that. Also the last time we visited there your reffs were real cool and told us that next time we came back to give them a call and they would come back out and play with us. So that is what we were wanting to do. We have 4 guys and were looking for some 4 on 4 action to help us build up on our skills. ....well thanks for you time.
- Justin Barham

Hello, I was at ya'lls field this weekend and had lots of fun. Your refs were awesome and did a good job. Ya'll were really nice and I will be coming back really soon. If you have any special deals I would also like you to send me a list of those. Thanks alot. Keep up the good work at the fields and see you soon.
- CR

My two buddies and i had a wonderful time at the park. it is a very welcoming and fun place. I am anxious to purchace my new gun from you. thanx again. we had fun...
- Matt Hadad

That's great! Shane just bought all his equipment from you last week so he won't need the rental package, but I wanted to take my nephew out to the park this week with Shane will he be allowed to use the rental package Shane won instead of Shane? I just wanted to let you know that I took him out to the park this past weekend with 2 of his friends and that's all I've heard about since then! I bought the guys 2 of the $35.00 buckets of balls all day c02 and they spent the entire day having a great time! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I was worried about dropping him off but when I went back to check I was assured they were having a great time and the boys told me to leave. Thanks again for a great weekend!

Sir or Ma'am,
Just wanted to let ya'll know what a GREAT time we had at your park yesterday. Myself, sons Jason, Erich, and their friend Jordan had an absolute blast!! Cudos to Sterling for a safe, fun, and exciting experience! He was very informative, professional, and personable.
We'll be back!
Thanks again,
- Ed Oechsle

Hey thanks alot. Your team is great. I mean I didnt expect to get into to paintball this much. But everyweek I look forward to Sundays. So to all of the Gizmo Guru team. Thanks for your courtesy and you family like atmosphere. I hope some how we can get some leagues going. Also when do  yall do senciro games. Well again thanks alot.

Hello, my name is Boone Powell, and am going to have my B-day party out at your place, in June. Thank you so much, I've enjoyed alL the time I've spent at Guru Paintballing !

Staff and Friends,
Hey there. Might remember me might not. I used to come up there and play all the time. Nickname Gook from Groesbeck. Well the last I played was before I joined the Marines. Well now I am stuck over here in Iraq and the paintballs are real. Just wanted to say missing the feild and wish I could get in the upcoming scenerio. Yall take care and God bless.

Semper Fi,
Cpl. Raymond Conard

I just wanted to let you know how great you guys are, and how much I appreciate the excellent service I receive every time I visit your store or paintball fields.

My family discovered your store last year, and we talk about your guys to anyone that we know that is involved with paintball. Last Saturday, I was again reminded how there are still people in this world that are honest and work every day with morals and integrity!!!

My 15-year old son visited your paintball fields with a church youth group from Temple 2 weekends ago, and took his brand new Tippman A-5 which he had ordered over the internet against my thoughts of coming to you guys for his needs. However, the gun did not work, and your staff looked at it, and told him it was missing some parts. They asked him to look for the parts and to then get back in touch with you to let ya'll know if he had them or if GURU needed to order the parts in order to repair the gun. However, like a typical 15-year old boy, he remembers only that GURU will call us when the gun is ready!!

When I called you guys last Saturday, you very politely let me know that you were awaiting a call from him to see if he had the parts for the gun or if he needed you guys to order the parts. We did have the MIssing parts, and we brought those to you around 4pm Saturday afternoon. You were great--at first, you said it would be Monday probably before the gun was ready which was fine. However, while we were getting C02 tanks filled, you had promptly installed the parts and had the gun ready. And, only would take payment for filling the C02 tanks. And, it that wasn't great enough, my son also left his C02 tank with the Tippman originally but didn't let you know. Lo, and behold, after we asked about the C02 tank which was NOT with the Tippman, you promptly called the field location, and found the tank!!!

To make a long story short, THANK you for the quality service we always receive with any of your staff, and especially, for treating customers with honesty and integrity in a day and age where a lack of integrity is typically the NORM!! You and all of your staff are FANTASTIC!!

The Patterson Family
Gatesville, Texas

Name: john ashley
Comments:thanks for letting us come out to your park we had a blast and will be back!

Definitely, service above and beyond the call of duty. That's how you keep customers.
- Tim

Attention Gizmo Guru
On behalf of the entire Gloryland Church Youth Group, Thank you. We really enjoyed the field! From the youngest kid in the group to the oldest youth leader, everyone had the time of their lives! We'd also like to extend our gratitude toward the staff and referees who were so helpful. Everyone conducted themselves professionally and courteously! We look forward to bringing out an even bigger group next time!

Michael Bixby
Youth Leader

Google users
This place caters to much more than just paintballing. They also have a large supply of knives, pepper sprays, secret safes, and "how-to" material similar to that of Paladin Press. In fact, they have often ordered books from Paladin Press for customers upon request who do not want to pay Paladins shipping. The employees here always show a well-rounded knowledge of their products and answer questions thoroughly.

We go here to get the paintballs and supplies for my sons paint gun. They have a wide variety of supplies to chose from. We get everything we need here and don't have to go store to store. They also have a paint ball range that the kids/adults can go to as well. Really nice people and affordable prices.