Liability Waiver


1. No outside paintballs, all paintballs must be purchased from the park. Failure to comply voids all coupons and passes. NO REFUNDS!

2. Once you go outside a safety area you must keep your goggles on and down.If at any time during a game any player looses his or her mask or is hurt, the game stops immediatly and barrel plugs are put in until the reff notifies otherwise. Failure to abide by these rules may result in sitting out for a game or expulsion from the park.

3. When the game is not in play your barrel plug must be in! Failure to do so will result in one game expulsion.

4. Breaks: A paintball hits you, it is a legal break if the paintball hits you and breaks bigger than a quarter.

5. If a ball hits you and bounces off, but you call hit before checking yourself then you are still out.

6. Overshot: if you have more than three breaks from one person, a referee may declare overshot; however each situation is different and is subject to the referee.

7. If you are not sure you have been hit ‘or’ if you hit someone else, call a “paint check” and a ref. will assist you.

8. Surrender Rule: There is no bunkering!!!!!! If you encounter a player and you move within 20 ft of him without his knowledge call for surrender and they are automatically out.

9. Do not shoot at the refs YOU WILL BE REMOVED from the park! Do not argue with the reff's or your armband will be punched.

10. NO firing in the safe areas, especially in Picnic areas, if you decide to fire your gun, you will be penalized. If you wish to work on your gun please remove your air source.

11. All guns must be velocity checked before your first game; we reserve the right to check any gun at any time. Anyone caught adjusting velocity of your marker above 280 f.p.s. will loose field pass and or day of play. No refund

12. Field paint only!!! We also reserve the right to check paint throughout the day. Use of non-field paint will void your field pass. All other paint will be destroyed.

13. No Blind Firing (you must be looking at who you are shooting at. No shooting around corners or over your head without looking)

14. Use good judgment and common sense and have fun.

15. No profanity!!!

16. No climbing on obstacles except where intended

17. No alcohol on the premises- NO EXCEPTIONS

18. All rental equipment must be accounted for before head person in charge of the group leaves.


20. Do not pick up paint from the ground

21. Every time a rule is broken your armband will be punched. On the third punch you will lose your armband and your day of play NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED! Persistant problem makers will be banned from the park.


23. If anyone is considering buying equipment, please keep in mind we sell and have the largest selection in Central Texas. With purchase of a marker (Paintball Gun) from us you get a 3-month field pass (unlimited visit's) worth about 450.00. 1 year in house warranty, 3 months on parts and a loaner if yours is kept overnight for repairs. NO OTHER STORE OR FIELD MAKES THIS OFFER! 2nd location @ 3302 Franklin Avenue 254-756-1113

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