Baylor Paintball


The James Connally Squadron of the Arnold Air Society (AAS) hosted their first fundraiser of the academic year on Sunday, 14 Oct. 2001. The attendance at the First Annual James Connally Squadron Paintball Tournament consisted of AFROTC students from The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, and of course Baylor University, Det 810. After the players had received the mandatory safety briefing and picked up their gear, the camouflaged warriors were prepared to enter the field of battle. The first contestants to square off were Baylor and A&M. The pitched battle ended when the precision fire from a pair of Baylor sophomores eliminated the remaining A&M member. The second battle was between A&M and UT. This ended with A&M charging the UT hill and taking it. The third battle consisted of UT and Baylor and soon became a long drawn out. conflict ending with Baylor victorious.

This left Baylor with six points and the lead over the other teams. Once again, A&M and UT squared off and the undermanned UT was defeated by A&M. This knocked the UT team to 3rd place and set the stage for a titanic battle between A&M and Baylor. As the warriors lined up on their respective hills a problem arose. Baylor had twenty-three to A&M's twenty. Three Baylor students graciously stepped down and the game began. Initially, A&M charged the Baylor left flank en masse and the Baylor students bravely fought back against overwhelming odds. A A&M systematically removed Baylor students from the game, the last bastion of Baylor members guarded the small fort on Baylor's home field hill. The three remaining Baylor students managed to hold down the fort until the time limit ran down. This gave A&M two points instead of three for not eliminating the Baylor students. Without that remaining point giving A&M victory and a chance at a subsequent tie-breaking game, Baylor became champion. Trophies were awarded to the teams and the day ended with a few more friendly games. In the end, the entire fundraising tournament raised over $800 for the society. The students enjoyed the tournament so much there is talk of having another one in the spring semester. All the Students at Det 810 have expressed a defi- nite interest in a repeat win against the A&M and UT competitors.