Battle for the Easter Egg 2008

Thanks to ALL who came out and made this an awesome event - Check back for information on the NEXT Easter Event!

Its coming time to have our annual Easter Egg Battle. For those that have never played we hide Easter Eggs around the paintball field. In some there are tickets worth prizes at the end of the event. There will also be a prize for the most eggs collected. This Year we will be giving away another paintball marker (min. players req.) along with many other prizes and passes. The object of the game is to take a position where the eggs are and hold it long enough to collect the surrounding eggs without getting hit. This will be a resurrection type game so if you are hit you go to the safe area tag in reload if needed then go back into the game. This way everyone stands a better chance to win.  You keep all eggs that you pick up before hit by a paintball.

At the end of the event all players can stay and play the rest of the day at no additional charge. Event fee is 30.00 per player and includes field fee & all day co2 or half off all day nitro or air. Sat. 3/22/08 @ 1:00 pm Event will be held on field 1 @ Guru Paintball Park. Marker Rental will be available for 10.00 additional. Look at pics from Easter 07 where it was played in the SNOW by die hard TEXAS PAINTBALL PLAYERS~!